Dark Elf Sorceress

Painted: 2001

The Dark Elf Sorceress was originally used to represent my Dark Elf Sorceress (shock!) in my old Dark Elf Mordheim warband. As one of my earliest pieces, she really shows my “basecoat, wash, drybush” techniques of the time. As unimpressive as she is now putting together a cohesive looking force was an accomplishment for me back then.

This model actually came in a boxed set with a number of other plastic wizards for the Warhammer game. I picked it up for an easy collection of cheap mages for Mordheim and RPGs, so they all got plenty of use (if not paint) over the years. The sorceress here isn’t much to look at. The sculpt isn’t that clean and I didn’t to a good job really with any part of her – she was the first of my Dark Elves I painted and it shows. Still, you have to start somewhere.