Painted Miniature Gallery

High Executioner Servath Reznik

Reznik was the first model that the Protectorate has gotten in a while that required some thought as to how to apply my color scheme to it. I like to stick to white armored plates and purple cloth, but Reznik’s lack of robes combined with his layered shoulder pads meant I was going to have to modify my standard rules a bit. In the end I wound up with what you see above.

The stock pose has Reznik facing to his left as if displaying his scroll for someone to read. I decided while assembling the model that I didn’t like that so turned his head as if he was attacking with his sword. Unfortunately Reznik’s body and right arm were one peace, which limited my options when it came to making his arm look as if it was being held min-swing.  But the repose still looked a little more dynamic in my mind so I left it that way.

Unfortunately Reznik suffers from Karchev syndrome and is wearing mudflapps over his backside for some reason. They look as dumb on Reznik as they do on the Man in the Machine but unfortunately his entire body is one piece. Removing the skirt would have involved an immense amount of time with a dremel and a pound of greenstuff, and I wasn’t prepared to do that much work.