Painted Miniature Gallery

Blighted Nyss Raptors

I was really excited to paint the Raptors back when they were released while the game was still in Mk I.  I really liked the sculpt and I was also a huge fan of their rules on the table.  Painting blighted ulk was definitely easer than the Protectorate Vengers’ horses.


I did have a couple complaints with the model, though. The biggest was the gap on the neck of the model when it’s assembled. Usually it’s not a big deal to fill the gaps with greenstuff but this gap was right in the middle of the patch of thick fur at the ulk’s neck, meaning I had to learn to sculpt fur. In all fairness it was about time I got around to picking up that technique but that’s not an excuse for the casting issues.  I also wish I had painted the letters on the back of the models’ bases a little smaller.