Painted Miniature Gallery

Avatar of Menoth

Wielder of the dreaded butter knife of Menoth, the Avatar was a fun jack to paint. I chose to do more of my tannish white color on this as opposed to the purple armored plates I usually do on my warjacks to make it stand out from its brethren on the gaming table. Because I wanted the plates to look almost white I couldn’t shade them too darkly. As a result the effect it subtle but I think that adds to the overall effect. The gradient is most evident on the sides pictures on the upper body and the forearms.


I started the base with concrete patch then added a gear pulled from some old office equipment and a cast of a Cygnaran Defender warjack’s shoulder. Since the Avatar’s sword causes warjacks to explode in a fiery inferno when it destroys one, I weathered the plate to look weathered and scorched.

I think my least favorite portion of this jack are the smoke stacks atop its back. I tried and tried but I couldn’t get them to a point I was happy with. Instead I decided to stop before the layers of paint obscured all the details completely.