Painted Miniature Gallery

Idrian Skirmishers

I’m very happy with how my Idrians turned out. I knew they were going to go into my Hardcore list for DieCon 8 (in 2009) so I really wanted them to look good. Unlike most of the Protectorate models, these had a lot of bare flesh to paint up and that’s always a challenge for me.




I took my time with the same flesh colors I used on Amon Ad-Raza (who is also an Idrian in the fluff).  That meant starting with Vallejo Model Color Brown Rose, and layering up through Medium Flesh to Sunny Skintone.

Other than their skin and weapons, the Idrians were pretty much all leathers, which challenged me to come up with enough distinct colors for the leather so that the models were visually interesting but not so different so as to make them look garish. I also finally got to experiment with using P3 Bloodstone as a shade for rusty metallics, which turned out well.