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I wish that the Raek was as good in-game as it was as a model. I love this sleek, bitey little guy but I don’t see him hitting the table very often. He receieved a much-needed boost in Mk II but I always seemed to spend his points on other options.


Effectiveness aside I like the Raek model a lot. I used the sculpt to try and work on duplicating the musculature effects I achieved on the Nephilim Soldier, including some slight striations on some of the more pronounced muscles.

2 thoughts on “Raek

  1. Can you speak a bit about your technique and color selections for the blue skin, as well as the purple you used on your Menoth models? I just stumbled across this site and so far I am very impressed with your work.

    1. Sure, no problem. I actually already have posts up that list my color selections here:

      Legion: /2009/08/24/hordes-frostfang-brood/
      Protectorate: /2006/11/21/warmachine-the-vermillion-menofix/

      I change up my techniques slightly depending on what I’m painting but for the most part I’ll start by laying down my base coat. Then I shade starting with a wash followed by some more targeted shading in the deeper recesses. Once that’s done I highlight back up from the base color to wherever I want the highlights to be.

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