Painted Miniature Gallery


The Shredders were the first part of the Legion of Everblight battlebox that I decided to tackle. I figured that they were small enough that they’d be quick to finsih and I’d be able to see my intended color scheme to determine if I liked it. They became a template I would eventually follow on other beasts as my collection grew – light blue skin, bone carapace, and pink gums. Since Shredders are little more than walking mouths in Hordes, I wanted their toothy maws to be suitably prominent.


Each Shredder comes in three pieces – the body and two legs. I mixed and matched the pieces among my Shredders to make each one unique. I continued that thought by varying the types of rock outcroppings and amounts of snow on their base. I added some designations on the back of the bases post-photography so I could label damage grids but slight differentiation between the models looks much better on the tabletop than the usual Privateer Press repeat-a-pose.