Painted Miniature Gallery

Lady Aiyana and Master Holt

I’m a big fan of the Aiyana and Holt. On top of being a solid unit on the tabletop, they’re some of my favorite sculpts in the Warmachine miniature line.  They’re not swamped with accessories, but they’re great sculpts and fit right in with the look and feel of the Iron Kingdoms.


Coming up with a color scheme for Aiyana and Holt proved difficult. I started with Holt – I knew I wanted to do a black overcoat but needed a highlight color and wound up picking the off white. But what I didn’t want was for the models to be just black and white so I needed an accent color. My fiancee suggested the Delta Ceramcoat Victorian Teal that I had on my paint rack. Although I was skeptical, I’ve learned to at least give her color suggestions a try and once again she was right – the color fit in very well.

Once that was settled I began the task of wet blending Aiyana’s cloak. I used Victorian Teal and Dark Victorial Teal for my mid tones, mixing in black for the deepest shadows and a little Satin Cream for the highest highlights. It was a tedious task but I’m very happy with the results. Once that was done it was just a matter of blending the black, doing the edging in Chainmail, and adding the finishing details.

Other than Aiyana’s cloak, I think my favorite part of these figures is Holt’s face. I tried to get a little cleft chin look going that came out nicely. It’s a little detail that just makes the model pop that much more.