Mage Knight Brass Golem

I painted this figure up a few months before I started playing Warmachine as a test piece. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to use colors such as green on a large flat metallic area like a robot’s body and wanted to get a feel for it before I decided if I’d be able to do a Warmachine warjack. While the golem is hardly a work of art, it was good enough for a first attempt to convince me that I’d be able to do more mechanical miniatures with a little practice.

I wanted a neutral color scheme for the golem so went with black and an olive color for most of its body. I then added metallic gray and brass here and there to accent the piece. I’m really not happy with the brass spikes on the back, but I painted them last and decided just to leave them since it wasn’t worth going back and redoing on a test piece. I had learned what I wanted to learn and was ready to move on to the next miniature.

I removed the original miniature from its clicky base with an exacto knife then cut it in half to make painting easier. Once it was done I pinned it together and glued it to a small Games Workshop round base that had some cardstock glued on and been drybrushed silver to look like metal plates. You can see the slight difference in poses between my finished work and the original miniature above.