Painted Miniature Gallery


This miniature sat unpainted in my army transport case for some time – I already had one painted Revenger and I didn’t field two often enough to need to get it down. Once I got closer to caught up on my Protectorate forces I decided to go ahead and paint it up.


Looking at this and at my first Revenger – painted roughly a year and a half earlier – I can see a high difference in quality. I wouldn’t say I’ve become that much of a better painter, but I’m far more familiar with how to paint a warjack now. I’ve also been able to pick up a few tricks and techniques to paint the constructs more efficiently.

Color-wise I decided to switch up the colors on the upper chassis to match my Repenter. It makes my Revengers similar enough in appearance to look like they’re part of the same force while still letting tell them apart quickly without having to number their bases.