Painted Miniature Gallery

Choir of Menoth

With the exception of the Mangled Metal format (which doesn’t allow infantry, just jacks), I don’t think I’ve ever fielded an army without the choir. They’re just too good and too utilitarian for their points not to. So since they hit the table so often, they definitely needed to get painted. I started of with what has become my standard paint scheme for the Protectorate, throwing in the accent color on their sashes since according to their fluff they’re warcasters in training.


The Choirs’ scrolls were my first attempt at painting parchment on a miniature.  . I started by base coating them in Delta Ceramcoat Papyrus, which I let try thoroughly. After I was sure it wouldn’t smudge I took out my Micron pen and added the text. I decided each acolyte had a different litney on his scroll, so each scroll starts out with a different letter from the Menite alphabet. After the ink had dried overnight, I washed the scrolls with a mix of an Applebarrel brown and GW Chestnut Ink to age it, making sure to force the mixture into the tattered edges of each scroll as well as the creases where scroll meets scroll case.