Painted Miniature Gallery

Krueger the Stormwrath

Krueger was one of three models I painted up to give out as Christmas presents in 2006 to a couple fellow gamers. The recipient already had Baldur and Kaya, so there really wasn’t an option as to which warlock he would want. His army is painted in an autumnal color scheme with lots of oranges and golden browns, so painting Krueger was a challenge. I didn’t think an orange or red cloak would look right for a druid, so I was left with golden brown. Unfortunately Kreuger has a lot of open area that wound up being a single color so he looks a little bland.

Although Krueger wasn’t the most striking of miniatures upon completion, I think he wound up as a relatively clean job. Now I have to face his three-round Feat when he hits the table… makes me reconsider giving him as a gift.