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Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

As interesting as the scenic base the stock Epic Eiryss is perched on is, it illustrates one of the biggest problem with pre-attached scenic bases.  None of my Protectorate models were mounted on anything resembling urban bases, so using eEiryss stock would mean the base not fitting in with the rest of my army.  It’s not like I could toss some dirt and gravel around the bottom and call it done…. who puts a chimney in the middle of the wastes?

PP-WM-Merc-EpicEiryss-Dankel_2 PP-WM-Merc-EpicEiryss-Dankel_3

I wound up sawing off the chimney with a jewelers saw and replacing it with a rock formation more in line with the rest of my Protectorate forces.  I would have rather put her on the ground for a more tracking pose but I wasn’t up to re-positioning the arm and sword so that it wasn’t dipping below her feet.  In retrospect I could have put her flat on the base and cut the sword  blade to look as if she had stuck it into the ground.  Hindsight’s always 20/20 though.