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Elf Ranger

I picked up this ranger ears after my first two attempts at painting WotC wood elf sculpts back in 2001 with the intent of doing a comparison piece.  The brown leather color scheme wasn’t anything extraordinary but that wasn’t the point – the point was to create a spiritual successor to the Chainmail wood elves using what I’d learned over the years.


Immediate standouts for me are the face and the arrows.  I used a basic wash technique on the face but it still came out far better than the originals.  Then again, the originals were done with craft paint back when I was using that exclusively so that’s no surprise.

The green arrow fletching look far better than what I did on the original wood elves.  I’m still trying to master highlight placement in some ways but I can look back at the originals and see the dark to light gradient was basically non-existent.

I painted the mail and leather somewhat hastily on this piece, but it just looks cleaner.  I do more blending than I do drybrushing nowadays but drybrushing has its place, and as seen here it can make a solid and effective tabletop piece.

2 thoughts on “Elf Ranger

  1. Hi!

    Congratulations for your work with this wood elf scout. Itยดs great! Iยดve been looking for this figure for quite a long time. Do you have an idea of where I could find this sculpt? Or, by chance, would you be willing to sell this one?

    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. I’m not currently selling from my collection so I wish I could help you track one down but it’s been about 7 years since I painted the figure. WotC ended this mini line a while back so outside of a lucky ebay search or a game store’s old dollar bin, I’m not sure where you might find one. Good luck though!

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