Painted Miniature Gallery

High Exemplar Kreoss

Kreoss was the last model of my original battlebox I painted, and going back to cloth and a human-scale figure was surprisingly awkward for me. I had gotten such into the swing of painting steam-powered robots that I had to stop and think about it for a few moments.

I changed up my recipe for metallic gold on this figure, though it doesn’t come through clear on the photograph. It’s less reddish and more yellow than the jacks in person. I wound up continuing this recipe on my Protectorate forces instead of my original.

Kreoss is painted in the style I eventually carried to all of my Exemplar (according to Warmachine fluff, Kreoss is himself a former knight). The armor is primarily Applebarrel Goosefeather that hasn’t been darkened as much as it has on the warjacks to make it look whiter. Everything else was just a continuation of the theme I had started with my jacks.

With the exception of the extreme highlights on the robes, I’m still happy with this model to this day. He lead the first Hardcore army I won a Master Craftsman award with.