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The Harbinger of Menoth

It seems like it’s been forever that I’ve had the Harbinger lying around but I’ve finally managed to finish painting her up. Early on when trying to decide what to do with the Harbinger I knew I wanted to ditch the acolytes that come with her. For those unfamiliar with Warmachine, this model also includes three robed acolytes to fit on the base and hold chains that hang from her armor. However in the fluff the Harbinger is supposed to be the voice of Menoth. She is so holy that she cannot touch the ground – it just won’t let her. And yet she needs robed clerics to pull her around the battlefield? Yeah… not so much.

So my first task was to ditch the acolytes. But that left the miniature unbalanced – between her shoulder pads, sword, and flag this is a very busy model up top, so without the acolytes on the base she didn’t look balanced. To address this I decided to attach a pair of wings. Most miniatures that have wings have them stretching out and/or up, but the Reaper miniature I found to use for conversion bait had a pair that swept downward and back – perfect to make the lower portion of the base a little more busy and help balance the model.

The last bit of model alteration I did was the base. Most of my Protectorate forces are modeled on bases covered in concrete patch and talus painted up like broken earth but I wanted something far more impressive for the Harbinger. My first attempt was something similar to how I did Vilmon’s base, but that wasn’t coming out right so I switched gears. I took one of the Protectorate coins I won and pressed it into some sculpy which I then baked and trimmed. I then cut the middle out of a large Warmachine base and placed the impression inside it. The base has gotten a positive reaction from the local store and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Assembly aside the Harbinger was painted pretty standard. This is probably one of my better female skin tones, which I mixed up using a few different Vallejo Model colors (and have yet to be able to duplicate successfully).The armor is done in my usual Goosefeather and Territorial Beige and the purples are the Reaper Master Series colors I picked up recently. I didn’t want to highlight them to far and I think the subtle look really suits the model.