Painted Miniature Gallery

Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight

I picked up Rhyas as soon as she came out and got her assembled the next day. I was ready to start painting her when I realized it would be better to wait for Saeryn, her twin, to be released. With my luck if I had painted them separately they wouldn’t look anything alike. A month later Saeryn was finally released and I was finally able to start.


It’s getting to be hard to not end these comments on the Nyss I’ve painted with “everything is pretty much my standard colors scheme.” I mean it certainly is, but who wants to read that over and over again? At least on Rhyas and her sister I had something different to do in the scarves. I tossed around a couple colors for those including a few reds but wound up choosing the gray. The other options would have thrown in a splash of color but considering the monochromatic scheme I use that wouldn’t have worked.