Painted Miniature Gallery

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight

I decided to try and switch up my flesh tone color a bit for Thagrosh from the typical Nyss blue. Instead of going with primarily blue colors, I started with a gray base, washed with a dark navy blue, then highlighted back up with a mix of the two. This resulted in a more neutral color scheme that was close enough to the Nyss to look natural next to them but was different enough to make him stand out.


I’ve seen some neat conversions for Thagrosh using Warmonger legs, and seeing those always made me wish I would have thought of it at the time.  Thagrosh was never my favorite sculpt.  Between the weird big hand, the piercings, the the wedding train he’s always been a little odd.  Then again that’s Everblight for you.