Painted Miniature Gallery


I’ve found that the serpentine miniatures are some of the most difficult to paint, and the Angelius is the most serpentine Legion miniature there is. I had some good success with my Nephilim and Raek as of late primarily because of the more detailed musculature on those models whereas the more serpentine beasts with their smoother expansive areas of flesh seemed more difficult to pull off realistically.  There’s not as many wrinkles, creases, or other hints where to place shadows and highlights.


For the Angelii I decided to start with the white primer I normally use on Legion beasts, wash with my usual first color, then just manually add shadows in the deepest recesses. This worked fairly well, adding texture to the bodies of the Angelii but I’m not overly thrilled with the converted model’s tail or either models’ wings. I went ahead and sealed these guys but there’s plenty of room for improvement on the wing spines.