Painted Miniature Gallery


Compared to the rest of the Warmachine warjack, the stock Devout pose is actually pretty dynamic. Unfortunately the Running Man thing doesn’t do anything for me so I decided early on to convert this miniature into a more static pose. Since I had a pretty large backlog on my painting desk I decided for the quick fix – file and bend some joints and attach the leg so that it’s resting on a raised surface. But what to prop up the leg with? A stone was the easy solution, but seemed to plain.  Enter the bonejack.


Seeing as my most commonly faced opponent fields Cryx, I decided that placing one of his warjacks dead at the Devout’s feet would be the most appropriate. Once I had the model it was just a matter of pinning and attaching all the limbs so that the Devout stood triumphant over the wrecked bonejack. A quick dingy paint job – including the oozing necroslime – and I had a trophy for my Devout.