Painted Miniature Gallery

Knight Exemplar Seneschal

I wasn’t a big fan of the stock pose of the Knight Exemplar Seneschal figure. Extraneous back banners aside, there was just something about how it held its swords that didn’t work for me. So that meant breaking out the jeweler’s saw and some putty and making some changes.

The first and most obvious change I made was to leave the back banners off of the figures. That left a couple of slots on their backs though where the flag posts were attached. To cover the holes I took some casts of the menofix-shaped decorations from their chests and used some greenstuff copies to cover the banners’ attachment slots.

Afterwards both figures had their arms reposed. The first figure Had some putty applied to the joins so I could re-position the arms. The second’s conversion was a bit more involved. For that one I tried to duplicate the concept art on the model’s stat card, particularly in the way the arms were posed. The right arm had to be cut around the elbow and rotated before being pinned back together but the left arm was far more troublesome. In the end I had to use the Seneschal’s shoulder and hand, a Exemplar Errant elbow, and some greenstuff to resculpt the model’s bracer to get the arm in the position I wanted.