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The Reclaimer was actually a pretty quick figure to paint considering a vast majority of it was either black or metallic and there was very little exposed flesh. Still black can be a tricky color to paint. I went ahead and went the wet blending route since every time I try to layer black it seems to turn out poorly. The result is subtle but present, which was what I was going for so I’m happy with it. On the down side the highlighting on the teal trim of the stole doesn’t show up well, which is dissapointing.

2 thoughts on “Reclaimer

  1. Very nice work! I have been ogling your Mini gallery for a while, nice stuff. Can you tell me how you did your black cloth and your flesh? I have been trying to do some on my own Protectorate but it just doesn’t come out nice. Thanks!

    1. Sure!

      For the black cloth basically I web blend black and a medium gray color. Color name will depend on miniature line or you can just mix black and white 50/50 and use that. I base coat the miniature black and then wet blend the gray, and that’s really pretty much it.

      I don’t use the P3 two brush blending though. I was taught wet blending differently. More like this video: It looks very similar to what PP does but the big difference for me is that I don’t just blend the highlight color down, I work back and forth from both sides (the black and gray) to get the transition I want.

      Skin’s always pretty rough for me. I get a lot of mileage out of the fact that I don’t have to paint much of it on my Protectorate figures. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I use a layering technique that Dr. Faust demos extremely well in this video:

      Sorry for the links, but these guys explain it way better than I could, and with handy visual references!

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