Painted Miniature Gallery

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios

Eiryss was originally purchased to use as a character when I started re-running Privateer Press’s Witchfire Trilogy again. Eventually as we started playing Warmachine she transitioned to a wargaming piece.

I had always wanted to have this miniture leaping off of something when I based it, but when I originally began looking at basing here I realized there was a problem. Normally Eiryss’s feet are meant to attach directly to the base. Because of this the cape was sculpted with a flat bottom at foot level where it to would rest on the base. So before I could attach this to the base, I had to file down the large flat attachment area on the cloak and resculpt the bottom portion of it. A relatively simple step, but it without it the cape would have look far more awkward.

I decided to do this miniature in a scheme that’s far different than the dark green studio paint job. As a mercenary she’s not actually a part of my army, but I wanted her to look similar enough to my other figures that she looks like she belongs. So I decided her cloak – her most predominant feature – would be off-white to match up with my army color selection. I used a mix of Delta Ceramcoat’s Parchment and Quaker Gray to create the base color, then highlighted and shaded from there. The end result is close enough to look nice next to my army, but have just enough different about it to set her apart.