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Ah, the Carnivean. If not for the lack of opposable thumbs, he would overran the lowlands and rid Immoren of Everblight’s enemies long ago.

This miniature is massive, and my decision to base him on a half-inch high plateau of rock didn’t hurt either. My lack of forethought means I need a 4″ foam tray to store this figure in now. To mount the Carnvean on his base I had to cut off some metal pads from under his three feet. I used a saw blade for my exacto knife to do so and didn’t have any problems, but I made the mistake of asking my wife to help file down the feet as I was cutting them.

Make no mistake; she did a great job with the file. So good in fact that she decided to take it upon herself to give the Carnivean a manicure and sharpened his claws for him. It’s an interesting touch – one I wouldn’t have thought of and was glad she did, except she didn’t mention it to me at the time. At one point during assembly of the lower body I snatched the piece off of the table quickly to move it, and stuck myself (somewhat painfully) on its outstretched claw.

That’s when I realized that a hunk of pewter can qualify as ‘bloodthirsty.’ Fortunately primer and a few layers of paint have dulled the talons to a point where I shouldn’t have to worry about that again.

With its increased size came larger expanses of flesh that needed blending together. As a result the Carnivean wasn’t as simple to do as the Shredders – blending was a far slower and meticulous process. Upon completion I was initially concerned that there weren’t any stark highlights along his back half, but then I decided that was a good thing. It gave him a much smoother, sleeker look than if I had gone too far and had very prominent clear razor highlights on his musculature.

The Carnivean: massive, agile, and hungry. Gotta love him.

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  1. You must not have seen the MkII rules- they have opposable thumbs now (e.g.”claws.”) : )

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