Painted Miniature Gallery

Garryth, Blade of Retribution

I purchased Kaelyssa and Garryth back when the Retribution of Scyrah was first released just to have them to paint. After a knocking the loosest of the rust off with a few test figures I sat down to see what I could do with my Retribution figures.

The gray-plated armor was particularly challenging. I had to try to make it look like gray colored plate as opposed to a nmm paint job. I think I accomplished that by not going quite as deep with the shadows and bright with the highlights. I did want to deepen the shadows just a little more but I wasn’t able to get it to look right.

Overall I’m pretty happy with Garryth. I wouldn’t say he’s my best figure ever but I was happy get him to the level I was. The blue came out particularly good in my mind, but the grey leather could use some improvement. I also used the PP recipe for elf flesh but my makeshift photography rig washed that out far more than I would have liked.