Painted Miniature Gallery

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper

Of the two Retribution warcasters I’ve painted at this point, I think Kaelyssa came out better. I really like Garryth’s sculpt but hers just turned out far easier to paint.

One of the new colors I tried out on Garryth and Kaelyss was Reaper Master Series Gunmetal Blue. It’s a very deep, intense color out of the bottle so I muted it by mixing in some GW Boltgun Metal. After a few washes I highlighted by mixing GW Mithril into the initial color. Thanks to Neomorte for turning me on to this color – he uses it extensively on his Legion models.

The base is from Micro Art Studio‘s line of Temple bases. I tried to do a warmer, earthier tone for the stone than my usual gray coloration and I think it works pretty well. It really pops next to the muted tones I used on the rest of the figure.

Unfortunately the mechanical do-dad (I’m told that’s the techincal term) on the back of the base didn’t photograph well. I wound up painting the rock first, and loved the weathered look it gave me. In retrospect I should have base coated the do-dad in Boltgun and then shaded it before doing the drybrush to make it look weathered. But since I had already done the drybrushing I decided to use a very diluted Boltgun as a glaze. The end results are similar but I couldn’t glaze to heavily or it would wreck the look – the weathering had to appear to be ‘on top’ of the metal.