Absylonia, the Terror of Everblight

Absylonia sports quite a bit of detail that takes painting well.  She’s very similar to the Forsaken in that respect – made up of different design elements of different models.  It makes her relatively easy to paint as there’s not really anything “new” to the Legion about her but the discord of her design stands out on the tabletop.


That said I think the model just misses what its concept art is going for. I can get behind the uberblighted look and feel of this model but there’s something just… off that makes it not quite match up to the target artwork.  I think it’s the hands and skirt here.  The proportions on the wing/fingers in the concept art just look more organic than those in the model.  And the amount of skirt spread out behind the model makes it look shorter and more squat than the concept art.

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