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Valeros, Iconic Male Human Fighter

Although it’s a very dynamic pose, I wasn’t as much of a fan of Valeros after assembly as I thought I would be.  I picked it – like many of my miniatures – up to use as a character in an RPG.  Even games where we don’t use miniatures I tend to do go out and get one that matches a character or too.  It’s just one of my more consistent ways I find inspiration for what to paint.

Reaper6001-ValerosIconicMaleHumanFighter-Dankel_2 Reaper6001-ValerosIconicMaleHumanFighter-Dankel_3 Reaper6001-ValerosIconicMaleHumanFighter-Dankel_4

I’m pretty happy with how Valeros turned out.  I think the face wound up good and his tabard/undershirt are solid.  I wish I had cleaned up the boot wraps and straps a bit better.  The metalic fasteners don’t really pop like they should.

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