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Exemplar Errant

As much as painting ceremonial Exemplar armor can be tedious at times I really like way Exemplar look on the tabletop.

PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_2 PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_3 PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_4 PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_5 PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_6 PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_7 PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_8 PP-Hodes-PoM-ExemplarErrant-Dankel_9

What stood out to me while I was photographing this models was how much better the officer and standard bearer’s gold trim looked than the rest of the unit.  In the couple years before I painted the two parts of the unit (due to release dates) I had altered my paint recipes to the more antique-y faded gold instead of the slightly too yellow of the original models.