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Troll Brawler

Finding miniatures for trolls and obsidimen in my Earthdawn game is difficult at times.  I have a few in my gallery that I’ve collected but can always use more.  I recently turned to the collection of Mage Knight figures that I’ve inherited over the years and found a few sculpts to use to supplement my collection… once they’ve been repainted.

MK-TrollBrawler-Dankel_2 MK-TrollBrawler-Dankel_3 MK-TrollBrawler-Dankel_4

The fourth image above is one of the original unpainted Troll models for comparison.

The figure’s axe was built from a few bits I had laying around and a blade I sculpted from greenstuff.  It’s pretty basic in shape but I wanted a more primitive look so that works for me.  The shoulder pad was a happy coincidence with the… horns?  rocks?  I’m not exactly sure what they were supposed to be on the original but they make great growths of living crystal, which Earthdawn trolls use in some of their weapons and armor.  Since my last attempt I used ago-chad (fire crystal) I changed it up and went with ago-frod (ice crystal) on the brawler here.

I went with a wash and drybrush on the troll’s body.  I could get much smoother results from blending but chose this route for two reasons.  First as a quick tabletop test piece speed was a plus – especially if I’m going to be doing a handful more of these.  Secondly the I knew the dirty rough look the drybrushing would create would be far more appropriate for the rustic and brutal highland troll culture.

Slapped down on a wooden plank base made from popsickle sticks, I think the Troll Brawler makes a great Sky Raider.