Painted Miniature Gallery

Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist

The Snakestrike Duelist is an older D&D Chainmail figure I painted as a side project back in 2009 ago.  The sculpt itself is typical for the Chainmail line, relatively flat and almost 2D-ish compared with more intricately sculpted miniatures.  Done mostly speed-painting, the skin isn’t as smooth as I’d like but is a solid tabletop piece.

My main motivation for working on this figure was working on the scarf flowing down from her neck.  Painting flowing robes – like on most of my Menite figures, is easier for me.  For the most parts the bulges and folds on the robes dictate where highlights are placed.

Painting a strip of cloth like this made me concentrate more on how to place the shadows around the slow vertical bends.  Shadow placement is still one of the skills I have to work hardest at but this was one of the first models I started trying to actively develop the skill.