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Dwarf Warriors

Years ago a friend of mine left his plastic dwarf boxed set with me when he left the game. They have been sitting around for a long while until I finally decided to paint up a collection of them with different weapons for use in various role-playing or miniature games.

GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_2 GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_3 GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_4 GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_5 GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_6 GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_7 GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_8 GW-DwarfWarriors-Dankel_9
The beards were a fun shortcut.  I basecoated all of them (except those that would be black) with Reaper Master Series Bleached Bone and then used washes to tint and shade them the desired color.  It was a nice time-saving technique for these dorfs.